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About Liz

 Home OrganizeHER's CEO & Founder

The Home Organizeher


Meet Liz Rappaport; a professional organizer, and the founder of

The Home Organizeher.


Liz has been in the world of customer service for the past ten years and has an innate ability to organize any mayhem comes her way. Growing up in Needham, MA, Liz attended to Noble and Greenough and then attended George Washington University, in Washington DC earning a degree in Sociology with a focus in Communications. Liz began her career in customer service at a family Life Insurance Agency, followed by numerous years in event planning and marketing. 

Liz is an expert in people. She will help you with any organizing project you need, whether it's managing a move, organizing the spaces in your home, or decluttering your chaos, she is the perfect candidate to organize your home. Through years of experience, Liz has found that an organized, clutter-free space encourages and creates the most successful households and businesses. Liz discovered her talent for decluttering, arranging, staging, packing and unpacking, which has resulted in her creating her own successful organizing business.


Liz has a true gift in finding strategic solutions for where your valuables should go, so you're able to experience a more stress-free life. She will help "edit" your belongings and help you organize your home or office, while also teaching you the system so you can maintain that organized space. Liz will help create an organized space that ultimately combines both beauty and function. 


Liz has an incredible gift of seeing a cluttered room and finding a pragmatic and functional solution to organize it. And she would love to share that gift with you. Liz is also a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professions. 

So, if you want to live a clutter free, organized and ultimately more satisfied life, then set up a a consultation with The Home Organizeher, and we'll be here for you through it all. And follow us on Instagram for more info.

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